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Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Remote access to phone. Active Level 5. I have had problems with find my device activating without my permission.

Samsung wants to perform remote access to my phone. I have no intention of giving remote access to my phone but would like to know if anyone has allowed Samsung remote access to their phone and how was it accomplished and is there a running process already on the phone waiting for remote access?

Tags: access. Preview Exit Preview. You must be signed in to add attachments. Active Level 9. I haven't ever had remote access to my phone. I cannot see any issue with Samsung using remote access to your phone. First I would call Samsung from a landline, explain what the issue is and then let them proceed. If you are on your phone Samsung won't be able to assist with the issue.

Reply LoadingSamsung has just announced an interesting new feature coming to its range of Smart TVs. Dubbed simply 'Remote Access' the feature allows you to wirelessly connect to your PC, tablet or smartphone. If you are interested in using this feature with your PC then you might be happy to learn you will be able to connect a keyboard and mouse to the Samsung Smart TV for full control.

The firm says that without the need for an HDMI connection you can control your on-screen content and do things like surf the web or play games on the big-screen living room TV. In another sentence Samsung hints at some limitations, as Remote Access works with "compatible programs and apps" - with emphasis on the word 'compatible'.

Additionally, Remote Access can deliver a web browser-based cloud office service. Thus users can access files and work on documents stored by cloud services directly on their Smart TVs. VMWare has a dedicated page for its latest Horizon 7 product, which is likely to be closely related to Samsung's Remote Access.

samsung remote access

With any such connectivity, security is very important and Samsung has integrated its proprietary Knox security technology into its Remote Access features to help make it as secure as possible. Samsung and VMWare pledge to continue to work together to develop intuitive and productive user experiences for remote working scenarios. We expect to hear and see more about Remote Access, hopefully with some demos, at the CES next month.

In brief, the standard re-purposes two sets of the existing GbE logic with a few mods. And it has introduced '1. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Click to find out more. You are here:. Killer launches refreshed E 2. Don't have an account? Register today! Posted by Tabbykatze - Sat 29 Dec If it were a close to bones RDP replicator so i could use the TV has a remote screen and keyboard to my desktop somewhere else in the house, that would be a win. It means i could get rid of hacky solutions, steam link etc.The feature will use wireless connectivity to let smart TVs connect to PCs, tablets, and smartphones and will allow users to remotely control programs or apps from their Samsung TV, the company said.

It lets you stream content on your big screen but with the convenience of browsing on your portable device. The Samsung Remote Access feature works in a similar fashion, but the other way around.

Using Remote Access you can access content that is on your PC from your TV, which could be useful if your PC is in another room and you need to grab documents from it to view on a larger screen.

samsung remote access

One issue with these kind of features for TVs in the past has been the annoyance of trying to control a computer using a TV remote, but Samsung has overcome that by allowing you to use input devices like a keyboard and mouse to control the TV.

This should make it possible to do complex tasks comfortably on the TV. In addition, there will be a web-based cloud office service that can be accessed through Remote Access to allow you to pull up your important files on your smart TV at any time. Samsung has not yet specified which devices will work with Remote Access, but if it is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android devices then it would be a great alternative to services like Chromecast or Apple TV which only work with specific operating systems.

One concern about smart TVs is securityas the devices can hold a surprising amount of personal information and can be vulnerable to hacking. Samsung hopes to reassure customers about this concern with the use of its proprietary Knox security software, which the company has been using for its smart TVs sinceand which is certified by Common Criteria.

Samsung’s Remote Access feature will connect its smart TVs to PCs, phones, more

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samsung remote access

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See also: Setup ManualManual. Table of Contents. Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at www. Samsung Smart TV E-manual pages. Samsung TV E-manual pages. Wired remote control for air conditioner 12 pages.

samsung remote access

Before reading this user manual, review the following: User Read this provided user manual to see information about Manual product safety, installation, accessories, initial configuration, and product specifications. Page 3: Warning! Important Safety Instructions Warning! Page 5: Table Of Contents Safety Precaution: Securing the TV to the wall to prevent falling The Samsung Smart Remote Pairing the TV to the Samsung Smart Remote Installing batteries into the Samsung Smart Remote Initial Setup Using the TV Controller Make sure the following items are included with your TV.

If any items are missing, contact your dealer.

Remote Access

Before attaching the wall mount to surfaces other than plaster board, contact your nearest dealer for additional information. Using parts provided by another manufacturer may cause difficulties with the product or result in injury caused by the product falling. In particular, ensure your children do not hang on or destabilise the TV. This action may cause the TV to tip over, causing serious injuries or death. Press the button, say a voice command, and then release the button to run Voice Power Interaction.

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When pressed once, the Press to turn the TV on or off.Samsung Newsroom's videos will no longer be supported on Internet Explorer. Please try a different type of web browser. Samsung Electronics today announced Remote Access, a new feature that will be available on its Smart TV lineups starting The Remote Access feature will provide enhanced wireless connectivity with PCs, tablets, and smartphones — allowing consumers to remotely control compatible programs and apps through their Samsung Smart TV.

With Remote Access, input devices, including keyboards, can be connected to a Samsung Smart TV, making it easier for users to control their on-screen content. Remote Access allows users to directly control their devices connected to a TV with a keyboard and mouse in addition to simply displaying the content on a larger screen.

Additionally, web browser-based cloud office service can be accessed through Remote Access, so users can now access files and work on documents from their Smart TVs. To address security concerns surrounding wireless connectivity and cloud services, Samsung has integrated its proprietary Knox security technology into its Remote Access features.

Knox has been certified by Common Criteria for its security performance and is the only security solution in the TV industry to receive this certification.

For any issues related to customer service, please go to samsung. For media inquiries, please contact hq.

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Search close Search Search. Sort by Sort by Recent Popular. OK Cancel. Check out the latest stories about Samsung Learn More.With Samsung Remote Access the south Korean corporate is wearing on its sensible TV is more moderen ranging from the variety offered intogether with QLED, Crystal UHD and Lifestyle TV a function that lets you use your large-screen television for pro functions, for finding out and for recreational.

A function designed to change into the house into an actual place of work, permitting you to maximise productiveness and get most have the benefit of sensible operating.

Under the umbrella Samsung Remote Accessthere may be Cloud Docsa function to create digital school rooms for the scholars. By from the Samsung television to login on Office — which may be to be had in Remote Access — it is possible for you to to ship paperwork, paintings on staff tasks, or to publish the stories and thesis in real-time. Without using any cable, after which making the most of handiest the wi-fi mode, because of the capability of the Screen sharing turns into even more straightforward to switch multimedia content material and video video games at the giant display screen of the Samsung TV.

The sharing between the television and the person units is depending at the native community, by means of WiFi, but in addition helps WiFi Direct. Thanks to the era of VMware Horizon, which permits get right of entry to to digital desktops, programs and on-line services and products from a unmarried virtual workspaceRemote Access can give a revel in of easy-to-use and on the identical time intuitive.

The whole listing of all fashions Samsung TV appropriate with Remote Access is to be had at this deal with. Close Menu apps. Tags News.Controlling a PC from an Android device is an increasingly popular option for those that want the power of their desktop in the palm of their hands.

But what if you want to control Android from PC? This can be extremely convenient, as it lets you enjoy your favorite Android games on the big screen, or respond to messages without getting up. It can enhance productivity and media consumption, and work as a nerdy party trick. If you like the sound of continuing reading a web page you have open on your desktop on your phone when you visit the loo, you should check out Join.

This is actually the tool I use most often out of the bunch!

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Join is a Chrome App and once you have it installed on your phone, you can pair the two together. It also has a few other abilities. For instance, it works both ways and you can also ping articles back to your PC. Pushbullet lets you synchronize multiple devices in order to share files and send messages.

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This one also supports WhatsApp sort of. It has some unique features, too. It allows you to control multiple devices and engage in a kind of chat between them. There is potentially a good argument for Pushbullet as a productivity tool for offices. But for our purposes — trying to control an Android from PC — there are better and cheaper options on this list. If you were hoping to fully control Android from PC, then you might have been left a little cold by the last two options.

This one should be a bit more up your alley, so long as you have a Samsung device. Scrcpy is an app that will mirror your screen and fully allow you to control your mobile device from a PC over USB or Wi-Fi a recent addition.

It works really quickly and has lots of features too. That said, there are ready-made versions to download that will simplify the process. It also has some interesting potential features for offices, like the ability to share a single Android device with multiple users! As with most of these things, there is a paid and free option. You get a lot more features and better performance if you go with the paid option. There are more that do similar things of course, such as ApowerMirror. Specifically, this app allows you to share your mouse with your phone or tablet.

So, if your phone is sitting next to your PC, you can simply move the mouse over to one side and it will transition to your Android device. This is handy for quickly opening and closing apps or browsing the web. There is also paid version, which allows you to share the keyboard, clipboard and more. AirDroid is a surprisingly powerful app. You can send messages, share your clipboard, and upload files via a control panel. Tasker allows us to set up triggers and events on Android. That way, we can set our phone to do something automatically when it spots a new connection, notification, or location change.

Both Join and Pushbullet also have Tasker support baked in, meaning you can trigger a whole range of phone functions through an SMS or a web page. It just takes a little imagination. There you have it: seven different apps and seven different ways to control your Android device from a PC. The best one for you will, of course, depend on your workflow and the way you like to use your devices, but hopefully, something here will prove useful.

Have I missed any good ones? TeamViewer is also very good, though a little on the expensive side! Let us know your favorites down below! How To.